Happy Birthday

Dear Lindsay and Erica,

Today is your 21st birthday! It's unbelieveable to me that you are 21. I can remember so clearly when you were small and used to run everywhere, in two different directions (three really, since Tristan would go yet another way) and it was impossible to keep up with you. A few years later, you liked to come over to my house and go into my closet and try on my clothes. You'd appear in some crazy combination I'd never thought to try, complete with high heels, hats, scarves etc. and model for whoever was there. You also liked to come up with a dance or song to perform at any family function, getting Tristan, or your cousins to join in with the "show".

This picture is what I see when I think of you back then - always in motion, blonde hair flying, ready for anything. Some of the most fun I've had has been with you three...even when you would stand over me until I woke up -before it was even light-when I'd stay at your house for the weekend. The three of you would get into bed with me and we'd talk and laugh. I cherish those memories.

You are still alot of fun to be with (although you have stopped running quite so fast), you still move in different directions, as each of you choose the path for your lives as adults. I look forward to seeing where life takes you and am very proud of you and the remarkable women you are becoming.

Happy Birthday Lindsay Brooke and Erica Leigh!

with much love,

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