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For those of you who have asked why it takes so long to be matched with a child, I am posting some information from the FCC Web site (Families with Children from China), which explains the process a dossier goes through, once it is logged in:

What happens to a dossier in China?
A dossier is condensed into a registration form that can be reviewed instead of searching through bulky dossiers. The steps are as follows:

Step one - all applications go through the initial office where the paperwork is translated or its already existing translation is verified. The registration form is completed and entered into the computer. This step can take two to four months based on current volume.

Step two is a transfer down the hall to Department 1 where the family's qualifications and documents are checked. This step can also take two to four months to complete.

Step Three is Department 2 where the family is matched with a waiting child! The medical report of the child is reviewed one final time and that report and the child's small visa photo are forwarded to the family's agency. The intent is for the family to review the information and accept in writing the referral and return this approval back to the CCAA. Once received, the information is shared with the provincial officials. The mailing alone can take 2 weeks. Then, the Invitation to Travel letter is generated, and is personally signed (with a special red chop) by one of the two Vice Directors of the Center. Finally, the family can travel!

Therefore, if you review the steps, the 8-10 month wait to adopt is spelled out, and that is the accepted timeline of the Center based on the current number of dossiers, available children, staff and the system currently set in place

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