More cousins!

Okay, here are a few more photos of Lily Kate's cousins (she has a bunch!). The first photo is of Travis, who is six years old and will be a great help when Lily Kate comes home, as he has had lots of practice already with his baby brother Matthew. Travis loves video games and will be able to teach her a thing or two about how to beat her Daddy at them.

Here is our precious nephew Matthew who will be two when Lily Kate comes home and a great playmate. He has energy to spare and can chase her around for hours. I was lucky enough to witness Matthew's birth and got to hold him when he was just a few minutes old. That is something I will never forget...a true miracle.

Next is our other young nephew, Jack, who was born 3 days after Matthew. We spent alot of time in hospital waiting rooms that week! This is when he was a newborn, but I just love this photo...so sweet!

I also have twin nieces, Erica and Lindsay, who are in college (and turning 21 in a few days!), as well as a nephew Tristan, who is 24 next month and graduating from college. Here is a shot from this Christmas of me with Erica and Lindsay, and one of Tristan as well (are you happy now?) They are going to have a great time playing with their little cousin, reading her stories (and maybe even babysitting!)

We have such a wonderful family, I know Lily Kate will be surrounded by love and support from the minute she arrives. I so look forward to seeing them all together at family events to come.

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