The "official" wait begins!

I have decided to start a journal, keeping track of the journey to our daughter in China, Lily Kate, and keeping friends and family updated. Today we received our official LID (log-in date), which means we are officially logged into the CCAA (Chinese Center for Adoption Affairs). This date is important because this signifies the start of the official waiting period. At the present time, the wait is roughly eight months from LID to referral (when the CCAA matches us with a baby girl). This means, we will likely hear something at the end of August and travel to China some time in October. The thought of this is too unbelieveable for words. Until we see her sweet face, it is hard to comprehend all of this, after wanting to be parents for so long. Like many other couples, we have known heartache and disappointment due to lost pregnancies and unsucessful in vitro cycles, but this time, we know that at the end of this wait, there will be a precious baby to hold and to love. That is something well-worth waiting for...

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