Some China facts

We have no idea what part of China our Lily Kate will be from, but it's interesting to compare some statistics between China and the United States. China is a country of 3,696,100 sq. miles; not much larger than the US, which encompasses 3,537,441 sq. miles. The difference in population however, is pretty staggering; China has a population of 1,307,743,319 as compared to the U.S. number of 296,410,404. That means that China has more than 4 times the population of the United States, in roughly the same amount of space.
When we travel to China, we know that we will be flying into Beijing, which is is the capital and the second largest city of China. The total area of Beijing is approximately 16,800 sq km, and has over 7.23 million people, 3 million of which are temporary residents. The temporary residents are comprised of business persons, teachers and students. Beijing's permanent residents are from all of the different ethnic groups found in China with the Han's comprising over 96% of the population. Mandarin Chinese is the language spoken in Beijing, with Beijing's dialect being the standard form of Mandarin.


  1. Susan -
    Thanks for visiting my blog! It sounds like we have lots in common. We also live in ATL and after reading through your blog, I think our history is similar in how we arrived at this decision. It is always nice to meet local waiting families. Does EAC have many in the area? Would love to chat more.


  2. Hi Susan,
    Thanks for commenting. We have pretty much the same time line. We also started in August and are now settling in for the nice long wait. Is your agency still saying 8 months? Ours told us to expect 10 or so. I hope yours is right!

  3. Hi,
    I just found your blog through Georgia & Jeff's and see that you are in GA. If you are interested, we have a group of local adopters who get together approx. every month. Our next get-together Feb.18, a bonfire pot-luck night in Woodstock, if you are interested in joining us or want to be added to the mailing list, please email: LisaShanahan@gmail.com.

    We are from various adoption agencies, but the majority are with CCAI, but don't let that scare you away. A few people are behind you in the process, with most of the group already being LID and waiting, waiting, waiting.

    I have added your site to my GA adopters on my blog.

    Good luck and hope to meet you!

  4. Hi Susan! You've been tagged. Check out my blog. Have a great day!


  5. Hi Susan, it is Susan from Florida.I just wanted to tell you I love the fact you put the adoption process and the info on China on your site.If you don't mind I would love to do the same on our site so our family and friends can understand a bit more. Great job!

    Hey 2 weeks down LOL :)

    Susan R.
    LID 01/10/06