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I came across this list of questions today as I was searching the web for information on China. If I didn't already think I had a lot of work to do before Lily Kate comes home (which I definitely do!), I am feeling even more overwhelmed after perusing this list!

99 Questions Every Adoptive Parent Should be Able to Answer (Eventually)
by Dr. Jane Liedtke

1. Approximately how many people live in China today?
2. Who is the Premier of China today?
3. Who was China’s first Premier under the communist party?
4. What year did the communist government take control of China?
5. Who first lead the communist party into power in China?
6. What famous leader was married to Mdm Soong Qing Ling?
7. Who lead’s China’s communist party today in China?
8. Who was his predecessor?
9. Who is credited with China’s economic reforms that lead to modernization of China?
10. Who was the first Emperor of a unified China?
11. Who was the last Emperor of China?
12. How many ethnic minority groups are there in China?
13. Name three of the ethnic minority groups:
14. Name two autonomous regions in China:
15. What province has the most ethnic minority groups?
16. Where/what are the four municipalities in China?
17. At what age are children in China when they start school (1st grade)
18. What are the Chinese words for elementary school?
19. What year did China institute the one-child policy?
20. In what year did the one-child policy become law?
21. The third longest river in the world is the Yangtze Name two other major rivers in China:
22. Beijing is the capital of China - What do the words Bei and Jing mean in Chinese?
23. Name two other cities in China that served as capital cities:
24. Shanxi and Shaanxi provinces border each other, which one is home to Xian and the terra cotta warriors?
25. China’s premier universities are located in Beijing, Tianjin, and Shanghai Name one school from each city that has global acclaim
26. What is the legal marriage age in China for women and for men?
27. If an only child marries another only child, how many children can they legally have?
28. At what age can urban Chinese children ride their bicycle to school on their own?
29. How many adults may ride on one bicycle?
30. What is the name of China’s top political decision making body?
31. What is the name of China’s version of our “senate”?
32. What is the name of China’s version of our “house of representatives?”
33. In what month each year do these groups meet in Beijing?
34. How many political parties are there in China? Only one, between 2 and 5, more than 5
35. Name two of China’s special interest groups:
36. At what age are children considered to be adults in China?
37. Is a child’s city registration with a mother or a father’s city of registration?
38. During what decade did the practice of foot binding cease in China?
39. In what other country was foot binding practiced by the Chinese?
40. Aids is on the rise in China What three Provinces have the highest rate of Aids in the country?
41. How many Provinces are there in China?
42. Mogao caves with their impressive frescos are located in what northern Province?
43. In what year did the practice of polygamy become illegal in China?
44. How many wives did the last Emperor of China have?
45. Scorpions are considered an important main dish in what coastal Province?
46. The practice of filial piety was supported by what famous Chinese philosopher?
47. Which religion is the most widely practiced in China today?
48. Which religion uses fortune- telling sticks in their practice of preparing for the future?
49. What do the stars on the Chinese flag symbolize?
50. How old would Chm Mao be if he were living today?
51. What organization are children a member of if they wear a red scarf to school?
52. What is the Chinese character for person? For woman? For man?
53. How far north does the Grand Canal go in China (Province or Municipality)?
54. Which Emperor had the terra cotta warriors built to protect his tomb?
55. List three of the sacred mountains in China:
56. Which Province is home to the Stone Forest?
57. What was the treaty port name for Xiamen?
58. Which city is known for it’s German architecture and brewery?
59. In what Province is the “wine country” of China?
60. How many people sleep in one compartment in a “hard sleeper” class train car?
61. What dynasty is known for it’s blue and white porcelain?
62. What is the Chinese word for ancient jade money?
63. In what year did the communist government of China take control of Tibet?
64. Of the two temples which is older? Johkang Monastery or the Potala Palace?
65. On what day of the week is the world’s largest flea market – the Kashgar Bazaar held?
66. Which city in China was the first stop along the Silk Road? Eastern most city? Western most city?
67. If a foreigner marries a Chinese person and wishes to live in China – after marriage how long may the foreigner stay?
68. How many students share one college dormitory room on most Chinese campuses today?
69. If a car in the US costs $, how much does that same car cost in China?
70. On what date did China officially enter the WTO?
71. In what month will the Olympics be held in Beijing?
72. The first McDonalds in China had employees and cash registers along the main counter In what year did the first McDonalds open in Beijing?
73. What Province was Chairman Mao from?
74. Which contemporary Chinese leader was once mayor of Shanghai?
75. Shanghai is the sister city of which US city?
76. Philadelphia is sister city with which Chinese city?
77. Chicago is sister city with which Chinese city?
78. What five spices make up traditional Chinese -spice?
79. Which spice does Mexican food and Chinese food share in common?
80. What is the Chinese word for steamed bread?
81. What is the traditional Chinese greeting that asks “have you eaten yet?”
82. How do you ask a person their age in Chinese?
83. How do you say “I love you” in Chinese?
84. If the traditional Chinese medicine doctor tells you to eat liver what part of your body is being treated?
85. In Chinese medicine and cooking there are foods that are considered “hot foods” and those that are considered “cold foods” Is dog a hot food or a cold food? What season do northerners eat dog?
86. A one pint container of Hagen Daz ice cream sells for how much in China?
87. Is military service required of all youth in China today?
88. Are all people assigned jobs upon completion of college in China today?
89. Who sells more soda in Shanghai – Coca Cola or Pepsi?
90. What is the annual per capital consumption of Coca Cola products in Anhui Province? Which product sells best? Is it Coke, Sprite, Fanta, ice tea or bottled water?
91. What is the number one health problem of one-child family children in China today?
92. Is a taxi cheaper in Shanghai or Beijing (per km)?
93. Which two Chinese cities rank as two of the top most polluted cities in the world?
94. Which Chinese city was cited as being the th most expensive city in the world for foreigners to live in?
95. Which was the first special economic development zone (SEZ) in China?
96. Can foreigners wholly own their own businesses in China in all business and industrial sectors?
97. When a traditional massage therapist massages the big toe of each foot, what part of the body should feel relief?
98. What is the most common surname in China?
99. When did China launch it’s first manned space craft? Where did the rocket go?

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  1. HI Susan

    I have some studying to do :)

    Susan R.

  2. Of course I printed out the list with the answers... I hope I can remember all this stuff when I try to impress my husband! Thank you for putting such informative stuff on your blog- that picture of the baby in the box tore at my heartstrings.

  3. Hey Susan,

    I don't even know this much info about the US!