No words can adequately express

This photo shows an abandoned baby girl at the gate of Yangchun Social Welfare Institute. It was taken in 2004.

I cannot imagine how the mother must have felt as she walked away.


  1. Hi Susan

    I had to send a note and say I agree with you "Words can not express:. The emotion that this picture brings up in me is indescribable.

    Susan Rizzo

  2. OMG! that picture just hurts my heart to see.

  3. It was heartbreaking to see this. My 9 year old son insisted that we copy it and put it on our blog for our family to see. It has stired so much positive emotions from some family members that were not understanding our decsion and this journey. Thank you - we could not have found it at a better time. Our family is now very excited and behind us as we get ready to bring home our beautiful Isobel. (Li Li)