Valentines and Babies

We won't be getting our referral for months (August, I just feel it!), but I like to pass some of the time by visiting other adoption web sites, looking at referral photos and imagining what Lily Kate will look like.

This a site for an orphanage in Fuling, China and they have some great pictures of recently referred babies:

A very Happy Valentine's Day to all the waiting families, most especially those in our travel group:
Susan and Riz, Nancy and Ed, Marie and Doug, Michele and Mark, Mark and Gigi, Rosalie and Don, Nicole and John, Kevin and Sherry, and Tammy and David

I have "met" some of you online already and look forward to meeting up with everyone in China, where we will receive the greatest Valentine, Christmas, Birthday, Easter, Halloween, (etc etc) gift EVER, all rolled into one precious package!

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