Baby Clothes!

Okay, I finally got around to taking some pictures of the cute, girly stuff I am amassing for Lily Kate's wardrobe.

First, we have dresses! There will be many of these in her closet. Girls can't have enough in my opinion. Always to be worn with bows of course.

Next are a few adorable items that I got on sale at Boden. They have some of the sweetest things around. I have to contain myself when I go to their site.

I mentioned in an earlier post that I got a few things at the Baby Gap Outlet. Take a look at these, in particular, the yellow-flowered coat...how unbelievably cute is that? Even if she only wears it once it'll be worth it.

I also stopped in the Children's Place outlet and found this little number (also has a handband that matches!) It says Daisy Girl :)

And for the grand finale, the piece de resistance, an adorable pink, flowery swimsuit...can you stand that much cuteness?

This isn't everything, but just a sampling. Lotsa flowers, I know, but she'll have some stripes and solids too. She is going to be a little fashionista and will mix it up with style.

Can't wait to post those pictures.


  1. Okay I love the clothes, but where are the shoes???

    I just found your blog. I have a daugther named Hannah Kate. We ended up calling her by her whole name most of the time. I like the name Lily Kate. Nice Blog.

  2. Susan,

    WOW so cute! We are going to have the best dressed girls around. I have been bugging Riz to take some pictures of Sophia Joy's things so I can post them. You have given me motavation to do it in the morning. I just love the bathing suit.

  3. Very cute!! It is so hard NOT to buy for our girls.

  4. I LOVE that bathing suit! So adorable! :)