Update on the wait

It hasn’t been confirmed yet, but the word out there is that the next batch of referrals will be for the period of May 26-30. This is pretty disappointing for those who are anxiously awaiting “the call”; especially folks who have a LID in the first few days of June. If it is true, what this means for us, and for all the waiting families, is that the process has slowed down considerably in the past couple of months. It has taken the CCAA 3 months and counting, just to refer one month of dossiers; namely those with a May LID. My heart goes out to everyone who has received this disappointing news and had their hopes set on a referral this week. Trust that it will happen and when it does, all of this will be worth every second of waiting. I believe that with all my heart.

The good news is that CCAA still continues to review dossiers and the latest news from their web site is that they have finished reviewing dossiers logged in through August 31. There is always a possibility that things will speed up again, they will catch up with the overload of dossiers they have apparently received and we will still have our daughter with us by the end of the year. We are holding fast to that hope, but still, in the back of our minds, preparing ourselves for a longer wait. It will happen in God’s time and not in ours, and when it does, we will rejoice and celebrate and welcome our Lily Kate with open arms, knowing she is the daughter we are meant to have. Please continue to keep us in your prayers and we will give you any news the minute we have it. We promise.


  1. Susan,
    You have a good outlook on this. I've been sad today, thinking about it a lot actually. I need to remember in Gods time. Thank You.

  2. Susan, I was sitting having coffee this morning thinking that I should put an update on my website about referrals and the wait time. I was wondering what I should say and how to write it to make people understand who are not directly in the process. Then I get on the computer and see your post. Thanks you have given me inspiration. :)
    Susan R.

  3. Susan,

    My heart is with you and everyone else enduring this awful wait. You have a wonderful attitude despite how hard I know this is. I pray that things will speed up and you'll have Lily Kate in your arms very very soon!

    Hugs xoxo
    Shana :)
    (sophie lu sends kisses too!)