Happy Easter!

Easter weekend is a busy one for us. This year, it starts tonight, with a screening of The Passion of the Christ at church. Tomorrow morning we have Cantata practice, after which I will be running around getting things ready for my Dad’s birthday dinner, which is at our place. Sunday starts early with Sunrise Service at 6:30, breakfast right after, followed by Sunday school and church service. Then, it’s over to J’s mom’s house for lunch, after which we can (hopefully) squeeze in a nap, then back to church that evening for the Cantata. I’m exhausted just writing all that!

As I do on every holiday now, I think to myself, next year, we will have Lily Kate and things will be different. We will have Easter baskets to make, pretty dresses and new shoes to buy, pictures to take as a family….those thoughts keep me going. When I hear news about things slowing down, and wait times getting longer, I hold on to those images in my mind. I thought for sure we would have her with us for Thanksgiving this year, maybe even Halloween, but now it’s so uncertain.

I am thankful for every good thing, for a husband who loves me, for family and friends who are always there for us, for a church that is everything I always wanted from a place of worship, and for all the countless blessings in my life. I just want her here, with us, sharing the special occasions, as well the simple, everyday moments that make up our lives. She is part of us and has already carved out a big place in our hearts. Happy Easter our sweet Lily Kate!

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