Home from Savannah

We had a wonderful time in Savannah this weekend, despite the heat - man was it hot! On Saturday evening, we met up with our travel buddies, the Rizzo's, and had a fabulous dinner at Garibaldi's. We talked and laughed and got to know each other - what a sweet couple they are - we really had a great time. They will be a joy to travel with to and around China. We met up with them again on Sunday for breakfast at Clary's, along with the fellow December DTC'er Wendy and her two adorable daughters, Kate, 4 and Claire, 2.

It was hard to get them to stop moving long enough for a picture, but we managed to get a couple. Are they not the cutest?

Both the girls were totally enamored with the
guys, Claire
snuggled with Riz for most of the meal and flirted with diners at nearby tables.

Funny thing, we saw our waiter from Garibaldi's there and Claire even paid him a visit and sat in his lap for a minute! Kate spent most of the meal sitting with Jonathan and drawing pictures.

Wendy was so warm and positive and gave us all lots of great info and insights from her experiences adopting the girls - we are so glad we had the chance to meet and spend some time together. Plus she brought us each gifts! Adorable seersucker dresses with flowers and ladybugs for our girls - red for Sophia and yellow for Lily Kate - so thoughtful and sweet! Susan also gave us a gift...a pair of squeaky shoes for LK :)

As we walked them back to their cars to say goodbye, we looked at some flowers and posed for one last picture with the girls.

We hope we can visit again - which we will likely have the time to do with the increased wait (hey, I try and focus on the positive!), as we enjoyed every moment we spent with our new friends.

Sunday night we met up with my nephew Tristan and his girlfriend Lexa, along with friends Matt and Blake. Tristan just moved to Savannah and is working for Gulf Stream. He seems to be really happy and doing well. It was great to see them all and we laughed alot and took a ton of crazy pictures. Here's one of the more sedate ones...though I think Tristan made a silly face in pretty much every one.

So, we are back at home now, tired (and not really ready to go back to work), but really happy that we made the trip.


Weekend Road Trip

We are heading off to Savannah tomorrow morning for the weekend. The trip was initially planned as a chance for us and two other couples, who will be in the same China travel group, to meet. As it turns out, one couple (Mark and Gigi) could not make it, so there will be just us and the Rizzo's (Susan and Riz). We also get to spend some time with Wendy (an adoptive Mom we have met through the December DTC Yahoo group) and her daughters on Sunday, as well as hang out that night with our nephew Tristan - who recently got a job and moved there - and his girlfriend Lexa.

It should be a wonderful weekend and we are so looking forward to meeting the Rizzo's, since they will then be familiar faces when we get to China. We have spoken about how our daughters may be together right now, somewhere in China, and may even be crib mates! That is a very comforting thought and means they will share a very special bond.
I know the trip to China will be an amazing, life-changing experience and we are glad we will have the Rizzo's to share it with.

For now, here is a photo we took when we were in Savannah last year, of Forsyth Park. I am sure there will be plenty of photos and memories to share when we get back, so check in next week for the recap.

I hope that you and yours have a safe and happy Memorial Day weekend!


Happy Birthday Melanie

Today is our friend Melanie’s birthday.
The picture shown here is from her birthday party this past weekend (from left are Derek, Marcia, Melanie, Tim, Susan and Jonathan).

We have been friends for several years, but have spent a lot more time with Melanie and Tim in the past year or so, and they are great fun - we enjoy every moment we spend with them. We have been on two trips with them to the beach, had dinner/brunch numerous times, and lots more. Melanie is up for anything and is the life of any party. Her interpretive dances are priceless. She throws amazing parties and can entertain with the best. She is beautiful, stylish, smart, talented, warm, vivacious and funny. She is a joy to know and I am proud to be her friend.

Happy 30th Birthday Mel!

It's official!!



Idol Mania

UPDATE: No surprise, but dialidol.com predicts Taylor the winner
Taylor Hicks - 45.583
Katharine McPhee - 37.097

We will know in a few hours :)

Okay, I can't believe I haven't mentioned it here, but tonight is the finale (Part 1 anyway) of American Idol. I have watched the show every season and am totally addicted. This year has had the best crop of talent yet, but some very un-Idol contestants, which is cool. I have liked Taylor from the beginning, as well as Katherine, and it wouldn't bother me which one gets it, they are both deserving. But Taylor is so different, so un-commercial, that for him to win would be a great moment. Not sure how he would fit into the Idol "machine", but he will be interesting to watch, to see how his career evolves.

Anyway, we'll be watching with a group of friends tonight (as we have been every week) and cheering them both on. It has certainly helped me get through the first few months of this wait - that along with LOST, which is a topic for another time. LOST also ends this week! I don't know what I am going to watch this summer - anything interesting starting, or something I've missed the first time and can watch in re-runs?


And the shopping continues

So, I admit that I've been a little out of control on the baby clothes front. In my defense (if I need one), almost every item I have purchased has been on sale, or from eBay, so I haven't completely lost my senses. But really, can you blame me - I mean look people, just look at all this adorableness and tell me if you could walk away from it?
For those who asked, I am buying mostly 12-18 months and 18-24 months. I have a few things in 9-12 months, but I'm trying to hold off on smaller sizes until we get our referral, then talk about a shopping frenzy :)

(to be continued...)


Mother's Day thoughts and wishes

Just wanted to send out a very special Mother's Day wish to all the waiting mommys. I have dreamed so long of being a mom - it really is all I ever wanted to be. Through God's grace, my deepest hope and prayer is being answered. When I get frustrated by the wait, which isn't often really, I think of our daughter and know she is waiting for us, just as we are waiting for her. I know that we will be together soon and when we are, I will be a mom forever. I have been blessed to know some of the sweetest and kindest mother's in the world, most especially my own dear mom, my mother-in-law, and both my Grandmothers. If I can be anything like them, I know Lily Kate will grow up feeling loved and secure - and that's truly the greatest gift a mother can give a child.

***I also want to thank an extra special waiting mommy, Susan Rizzo, who sent me the sweetest card. You are so very thoughful and you too are going to be an incredible mom!


Our weekend in pictures

Here is just a small selection of photos from our long weekend. We have gone to the Rosemary Beach for the past 4 years on our anniversary (and last year we went again in October cause we just love it there). Warm weather, clear blue skies, white sand, great shopping and gorgeous architecture - not to mention good friends - who could ask for more?

Some of these photos are of Seaside (namely the one above) and another beautiful place, Alys Beach, which is right next to Rosemary. It's still under construction, but is going to be unbelievable when it's completed, with it's all-white archictecture and Mediterranean feel...like heaven on earth.


Back from paradise

Well, we are back from the beach and had a fabulous time! The weather turned out to be perfect, despite the predictions. We spent a lot of time on the beach and the rest shopping, eating, relaxing and laughing. I bought Lily Kate a couple of gifts, including an adorable dress – I think we are up to about 25 by now!! I will post some pictures tonight, if possible. The house we stayed in had a highchair, as well as a kid-size Adirondack chair on the front porch. All ready for Lily Kate’s 1st beach trip this time next year!

Today marks our 4 month anniversary of officially waiting. We hoped this would be the half-way point, but that seems unlikely now. The most recent group from our agency waited 10+ months. I still hold on to the hope that we will have Lily Kate home by Christmas! Anything is possible, right?

Our next trip will be to Savannah at the end of the month, where we will be meeting up with a couple of families who are in our China group. I have spoken to Susan on the phone and traded emails for awhile now, so it will be great to meet her and Riz in person. Mark and Gigi will also be there, who we haven’t “met” yet, but are really looking forward to doing so. Seeing a few familiar faces when we arrive in Beijing will be wonderful, as we will be seeing and experiencing so many new things. Savannah is one of our favorite places and we are staying at a great little B&B, so we are looking forward to it....just trying to keep busy and get lots of trips in before our lives will change forever (I for one can hardly wait:))


Off to the beach!

Please head over to Vicki’s blog to take a look at her beautiful daughter Emma, who was just referred last week. Vicki has also posted some pictures of her daughter’s orphanage. http://pomafamily.blogspot.com. These photos are great as they give a little glimpse into the kind of place Lily Kate may be living in right now. As you can see, there are lots of babies waiting for homes still. We wish we could go get her right now, wherever she is!

We are heading to the beach tonight with our friends Tim and Melanie. We are excited and so ready for a little break. We go every year for our anniversary and hope we can take Lily Kate with us next year – it will be her first beach trip! I already have her swimsuit (remember the cute swimsuit I posted before?), and have since bought her an adorable bikini, so she is all set!