Home from Savannah

We had a wonderful time in Savannah this weekend, despite the heat - man was it hot! On Saturday evening, we met up with our travel buddies, the Rizzo's, and had a fabulous dinner at Garibaldi's. We talked and laughed and got to know each other - what a sweet couple they are - we really had a great time. They will be a joy to travel with to and around China. We met up with them again on Sunday for breakfast at Clary's, along with the fellow December DTC'er Wendy and her two adorable daughters, Kate, 4 and Claire, 2.

It was hard to get them to stop moving long enough for a picture, but we managed to get a couple. Are they not the cutest?

Both the girls were totally enamored with the
guys, Claire
snuggled with Riz for most of the meal and flirted with diners at nearby tables.

Funny thing, we saw our waiter from Garibaldi's there and Claire even paid him a visit and sat in his lap for a minute! Kate spent most of the meal sitting with Jonathan and drawing pictures.

Wendy was so warm and positive and gave us all lots of great info and insights from her experiences adopting the girls - we are so glad we had the chance to meet and spend some time together. Plus she brought us each gifts! Adorable seersucker dresses with flowers and ladybugs for our girls - red for Sophia and yellow for Lily Kate - so thoughtful and sweet! Susan also gave us a gift...a pair of squeaky shoes for LK :)

As we walked them back to their cars to say goodbye, we looked at some flowers and posed for one last picture with the girls.

We hope we can visit again - which we will likely have the time to do with the increased wait (hey, I try and focus on the positive!), as we enjoyed every moment we spent with our new friends.

Sunday night we met up with my nephew Tristan and his girlfriend Lexa, along with friends Matt and Blake. Tristan just moved to Savannah and is working for Gulf Stream. He seems to be really happy and doing well. It was great to see them all and we laughed alot and took a ton of crazy pictures. Here's one of the more sedate ones...though I think Tristan made a silly face in pretty much every one.

So, we are back at home now, tired (and not really ready to go back to work), but really happy that we made the trip.

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  1. Looks like you had a great time- nice that you have the opportunity to hook up with other fellow 'China' families! We went to Savannah w/ our friends a couple years ago. It was just beautiful- the houses, the trees, the history. And since it was August, yes, it was very hot!