Idol Mania

UPDATE: No surprise, but dialidol.com predicts Taylor the winner
Taylor Hicks - 45.583
Katharine McPhee - 37.097

We will know in a few hours :)

Okay, I can't believe I haven't mentioned it here, but tonight is the finale (Part 1 anyway) of American Idol. I have watched the show every season and am totally addicted. This year has had the best crop of talent yet, but some very un-Idol contestants, which is cool. I have liked Taylor from the beginning, as well as Katherine, and it wouldn't bother me which one gets it, they are both deserving. But Taylor is so different, so un-commercial, that for him to win would be a great moment. Not sure how he would fit into the Idol "machine", but he will be interesting to watch, to see how his career evolves.

Anyway, we'll be watching with a group of friends tonight (as we have been every week) and cheering them both on. It has certainly helped me get through the first few months of this wait - that along with LOST, which is a topic for another time. LOST also ends this week! I don't know what I am going to watch this summer - anything interesting starting, or something I've missed the first time and can watch in re-runs?

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  1. Congratulations !!!!!!!

    He won :)

    Susan R