Mother's Day thoughts and wishes

Just wanted to send out a very special Mother's Day wish to all the waiting mommys. I have dreamed so long of being a mom - it really is all I ever wanted to be. Through God's grace, my deepest hope and prayer is being answered. When I get frustrated by the wait, which isn't often really, I think of our daughter and know she is waiting for us, just as we are waiting for her. I know that we will be together soon and when we are, I will be a mom forever. I have been blessed to know some of the sweetest and kindest mother's in the world, most especially my own dear mom, my mother-in-law, and both my Grandmothers. If I can be anything like them, I know Lily Kate will grow up feeling loved and secure - and that's truly the greatest gift a mother can give a child.

***I also want to thank an extra special waiting mommy, Susan Rizzo, who sent me the sweetest card. You are so very thoughful and you too are going to be an incredible mom!

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