Off to the beach!

Please head over to Vicki’s blog to take a look at her beautiful daughter Emma, who was just referred last week. Vicki has also posted some pictures of her daughter’s orphanage. http://pomafamily.blogspot.com. These photos are great as they give a little glimpse into the kind of place Lily Kate may be living in right now. As you can see, there are lots of babies waiting for homes still. We wish we could go get her right now, wherever she is!

We are heading to the beach tonight with our friends Tim and Melanie. We are excited and so ready for a little break. We go every year for our anniversary and hope we can take Lily Kate with us next year – it will be her first beach trip! I already have her swimsuit (remember the cute swimsuit I posted before?), and have since bought her an adorable bikini, so she is all set!

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