Weekend Road Trip

We are heading off to Savannah tomorrow morning for the weekend. The trip was initially planned as a chance for us and two other couples, who will be in the same China travel group, to meet. As it turns out, one couple (Mark and Gigi) could not make it, so there will be just us and the Rizzo's (Susan and Riz). We also get to spend some time with Wendy (an adoptive Mom we have met through the December DTC Yahoo group) and her daughters on Sunday, as well as hang out that night with our nephew Tristan - who recently got a job and moved there - and his girlfriend Lexa.

It should be a wonderful weekend and we are so looking forward to meeting the Rizzo's, since they will then be familiar faces when we get to China. We have spoken about how our daughters may be together right now, somewhere in China, and may even be crib mates! That is a very comforting thought and means they will share a very special bond.
I know the trip to China will be an amazing, life-changing experience and we are glad we will have the Rizzo's to share it with.

For now, here is a photo we took when we were in Savannah last year, of Forsyth Park. I am sure there will be plenty of photos and memories to share when we get back, so check in next week for the recap.

I hope that you and yours have a safe and happy Memorial Day weekend!


  1. Susan and Jonathan,

    Riz and I feel the same way. We are so looking forward to this weekend. We feel like we are building relationships for our daughter, that will bring us into the future. We know that our daughters are going to benefit from our getting to know one another. We can't wait to see what the future will bring us both.

    Susan and Riz

  2. Blessings as you wait! Amy