Good news from China

The CCAA (that’s China Center for Adoption Affairs) has updated their web site and processed the latest files. They have matched the latest group of referrals through June 28th 2005. That is 13 days of referrals, which doesn’t sound like a lot, but after the past few months of slowdowns, we are thrilled with this progress.

There is this terribly addictive site run by the Rumor Queen, and although we adoptive parents-to-be hate ourselves for it sometimes, we visit it far too frequently.

She has a chart that shows when the CCAA has updated their site in the past few months, so we might hope to see the next “finished reviewing” update to occur in August, which will mean we have made it through review and are in the matching room– how cool is that! I have also included her chart illustrating the statistics for the past 16 months of referrals.

As you can see below, numbers have dropped considerably from a high of 38 days worth of referrals on 7/29/05 to a low of 5 days on 3/27/06. The CCAA has stated that they do not think they will get back to the high numbers of last year, nor will they return to the 6-8 month time frame for referrals, but perhaps we can look forward to the 12 month timeframe that they spoke about on their recent trip to the U.S.

I still would love to see a picture of Lily Kate for Christmas and hold onto that small glimmer of hope.

Congratulations to all those families about to get their referrals!

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  1. Me too, Me too....

    I just know we are going to see their faces by Christmas. At least that is what I keep telling myself. I love this post :)