Some nursery progress

We haven't done anything to the nursery as far as painting or decorating, but we did acquire one rather important piece of furniture...the crib!!

My parents got it for us a few weeks ago. It was already put together and took a little finagling to get through the doors, but here it is in all its glory. It's a little hard to tell, but it's actually painted a really pale blue and it looks beautiful with the bedding, which of course, I just had to try out right away.

You have to use your imagination for the walls, since they are currently yellow. I want to install white bead board and trim on the bottom half and paint the top some shade of pink (maybe a deep rose?). Anyway, still working all that out, but I have to say that I get a little flutter every time I pass by the room and see that crib sitting there.

We are so grateful to my parents for doing this for us and we look forward to tucking Lily Kate in at night and seeing her sweet face looking up at us each morning.


Nothing and everything

So, I haven't posted in over two weeks and I guess it's because we have no news to report, along with the fact that I have been going through a rough spot lately. I can't really expound on it here, but it's hard and I am doing my best to get through. When I come out on the other side I will tell you all about it (if you're interested), but right now I just can't.

We just crossed over the seven-month mark and still no end in sight. When we started we were told six to eight months to a referral and of course, there is no chance of that any longer. We will be lucky (and blessed!) if we hear from China in the New Year. We are doing our best to stay focused on what we will have at the end of this long journey - our baby girl - and a new life as a family of three. That keeps us going and gives us everything to be hopeful and grateful for.