You are always with me

I think of you as I begin the day, when my mind is somewhere between sleeping and waking. I imagine your face, your cries, your smile, and your warmth when I hold you.

I think of you as I brush my teeth and get ready for work, wondering how mornings will be, making breakfast, giving you a bath, getting both of us dressed and ready for the day.

I wonder, as I eat my lunch, what you will like to eat, will you be able to feed yourself already, hold the spoon, ask for more?

When I walk in the front door, I picture you there, waiting, saying “Mama” and running to greet me.

And as I lay down to sleep, I see us reading stories, singing songs and saying our prayers.

I think of you so often each day, you are the first and last thoughts I have, and I pray that you are safe, warm, happy, healthy and loved.


  1. Oh My, Susan once again I am sitting here reading your blog with tears in my eyes . I feel like you know how I feel, like you are reading my mind and my heart. I have those exact feelings everyday. Thank you for putting into such beautiful words.

    Susan R.

  2. Susan,
    That is pretty much how I feel now also. Thank you for sharing this. This wait is getting hard.