Where have I been?

Once again, I have gone a couple of weeks without posting and it’s not because we have nothing going on, believe me! Here’s a quick recap of the past two weeks:

Last Saturday we attended birthday parties for our two 2-year old nephews, one on my side, one on Jonathan’s, both adorable. Suffice it to say we were tired at the end of the day, but it was great to hang out with both sides of the family. We forgot our camera (will we be better at this when we are parents?), so no pictures to post. That Sunday at church was Homecoming and we had a dinner afterwards. Monday night Jonathan had a softball game and Monday through Wednesday was also our church revival, culminating with another dinner. Oh, and I almost forgot the low point of the week, which was a “meeting” with the IRS on Tuesday. The only good thing about it was it didn’t last four hours as they predicted, but we were finished in about an hour and a half.

This weekend we walked in the
ALS Walk in Centennial Park with 80+ people from our church, in support of our dear friend Paula. The weather was perfect and we had a great time for a truly worthy cause. Afterwards, we headed over to The Varsity, to regain some of those calories we had just burned off! Yesterday after church, we celebrated Jonathan’s aunt (and godmother) Eleanor’s 79th birthday at her home. She is recovering from back surgery and is doing fabulous. It was great to see all the family there , who we usually see only at Thanksgiving or Christmas.

Thursday, we leave for the
beach! I am SO excited for us to be getting away by ourselves for a few days. We usually go for our anniversary weekend in April, but this year we traveled with friends, which is great fun, but it’s also good to take time as a couple to relax and regroup. So, despite the crappy news from the IRS, and the undetermined length of our wait for Lily Kate, we are planning on having a good time and just chillin’ for a few days. I’m sure we’ll have lots of pictures to post when we return. Plus, next week we will be celebrating 9 months since our LID. I have to say that the time has passed quickly, but please keep us in your prayers that we don't have to wait another 9 months to hold her in our arms!


  1. Oh no! 9 more months - that would be horrible! Although I have to say that my boss is pregnant and I was just joking with her that she could probably crank out three babies in the time it takes us to bring Nora home. At least I thought it was a joke...

    Hang in there!

  2. Oh yes, time alone at the beach is definately a winner!! I recommend not tuning in to the internet, too. When we were at the beach last week, there were actually days I didn't think about the adoption .....(too much) :-)

    Have a great time!!