Latest Cut-off

It's official and it's not great....only 14 days worth of referrals, despite the rumors that September would be the month that they started matching whole months at a time once again. We are likely looking at an 18 month wait (Wendy was right!), but we still hold out hope for a speed up in the months ahead...anything is possible.

Congratulations to those who will see their babies faces for the very first time and all our heartfelt prayers and good wishes to the families still waiting!


Ready and waiting

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving and spent the day with both families - Jonathan's and mine. We ate too much, talked, played games, watched football, and just enjoyed being with everyone. We are blessed beyond belief with wonderful families who live close by - so we see them often, not just on holidays.

The day was, however, tinged with just a little sadness that our daughter is not here for yet another holiday. It's so difficult to explain to people why she isn't here, and what exactly the hold-up is...especially since we don't really know ourselves. All we can do is cite the possible reasons and say we hope to know more with the next batch of referrals. I know in my heart that when we are united with LK, we will forget this long wait and know that it was all worthwhile, but that doesn't help fill the emptiness and quell the longing in our hearts - and doesn't make it any easier to explain to our family and friends why we are waiting still.

When we started this adoption journey, we were told the wait was 6-8 months and knew, even with delays, that she'd be here by this Christmas. "Our last Christmas as a couple", we said last year. We talked about the year to come, and all that it would bring. "Our lives will change", we said, "and we can't wait". Well, guess what? Here we are, still waiting :)

We have tried to make the most of this time - to enjoy being just the two of us for a little while longer and to ready ourselves for the changes that parenthood will bring. We are thankful for all we have been blessed with in 2006, as well as the rough spots we have overcome. We are ready for the waiting to be over and the next phase to start.

Please continue to pray for us, and most importantly, pray that Lily Kate is being well cared for, and that she won't have to wait much longer for her Mommy and Daddy to bring her home.


Meet Mimi

I have been trying to buy one of these dolls for Lily Kate (well, maybe she's really for me...but I might let LK share) for several months now and finally got lucky!

I think they might possibly be the cutest dolls I have ever seen and can't wait to meet Mimi in person. She has a tiny heart in her pocket that will be embroidered with the letter L. There are a few more left, so if you're inclined, head on over here to scoop one up before they're gone. These dolls are truly one-of-a-kind and made in limited quantities.

Update: just one left...hurry before it's too late!


10 for ten

In honor of the ten month anniversary of our wait, here are ten fun facts:

  • There are said to be ten lost tribes of Israel
  • There are ten Commandments
  • Ten is the highest possible score in Olympic competition
  • There have been ten Star Trek theatrical films released
  • To reduce something by one-tenth is to decimate
  • Capricorn is the tenth sign of the Zodiac
  • The British Prime Minister lives at 10 Downing Street
  • There are ten provinces in Canada
  • Ten is the atomic number of neon
  • The Chinese word numeral for ten is 十, which resembles a cross

p.s. I am really struggling today with this (ever-increasing) wait...


Latest Updates from CCAA!!

Good news! Sixteen days worth of referrals. Now we just want to see the first date change, so we know our file has been reviewed and we have reached another important milestone. We may already be through, but won't know for certain until they update the info.

UPDATE 11/3 - The CCAA updated their site this morning to show that January is out of the review room! What this means, is that our dossier has been examined and approved for adoption. The next step will be matching us with a child. No word on how long this will take, but we hope to hear in the Spring. We are relieved and so excited to have reached another milestone on this journey.