11 for 11

  • Elevenses is a mid-morning refreshment, such as tea and biscuits, taken around 11am.
  • Soccer, cricket, American football and field hockey are all played with teams of 11 players on the field.
  • 11 is the fourth number that stays the same when written upside down. The first three are 0, 1 and 8.
  • The largest cat is the Siberian tiger at 11 feet long.
  • The average adult male heart weighs 11 ounces.
  • World War I ended on the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month.
  • The television show Cheers ran for 11 seasons with 11 main characters.
  • The television show MASH ran for 11 seasons with 11 main characters.
  • The first lunar landing was made by Apollo 11.
  • There are eleven parables Jesus told on his way to death in Jerusalem, as recounted in Luke's Gospel.
  • There are actually eleven statements in the Bible texts of the traditional Ten Commandments. Roman Catholics combine the first two statements into one and the Protestants combine the last two in order to arrive at the number ten.

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