It's the most wonderful time...

This time of year is so busy for us (and everyone right?), that I haven't had time to post in awhile. Tonight we are attending the Men's Club dinner at our church, where we get to eat lots of rich food, hear great music and sing a song or two ourselves. Jonathan is in the Men's chorus and will be performing a few songs with them, and then the two of us will also be singing "White Christmas". We usually sing "The Christmas Song (Chestnuts Roasting on An Open Fire)", but the folks who do White Christmas can't sing this year, so we're up.

We got our tree on Sunday, but I still haven't finished decorating (the tree or the house), so there are boxes strewn all over and I don't know when I will get to them - hopefully on Saturday. We also have a list of odd jobs to finish around the house before Christmas Eve, when we have the whole family over.

There are presents to buy, potlucks to cook for, parties to attend and lots of errands to run. Work is rather hectic this month as well, so add that to the mix. I am exhausted just thinking of it all. We are trying to plan a little getaway over my birthday/New Year weekend. I hope it works out, cause we'll need some downtime after the craziness that is December.

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