A little progress :)

We went to get our fingerprints updated today. The process was completely painless. Our appointment was at 8:00 am and we were pretty much first in line. We were out by 8:08! Next, we’ll need to get a home study update and re-apply for our 171H.

We haven’t really done any work at all on the nursery since last August, when I dismantled the guest room and we set up the crib. I think I have decided on the paint color and have talked to Jonathan’s Uncle Rickey about starting work on the wainscoting, etc. I need something to get me excited about this process again…it’s been too long since we’ve done anything baby-related. I haven’t even been buying clothes, but we are going out of town at the end of February and there are some great outlets there, so I plan on doing some serious shopping then!

I am anxious to hear about the next referrals. The
sister of our good friend, Marcia, is poised for a referral – their LID is 10/13, so we hope they make the cut-off. We need to see a baby to give us all a jolt of happiness!

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  1. Thanks for coming by. You should get Marcia to help with the nursery. She did a great job with mine!