We have started the process of re-doing our paperwork and getting our documents updated. I can't believe that we have to do this all over again (not to mention the $$ it costs to redo). Today our social worker came for a visit as part of our home study update. She is a very sweet lady and it went very well - except she was 25 minutes early and I had my hair up in a towel and no makeup on when she arrived - and Jonathan hadn't arrived home yet! She was very apologetic and nice, but I was quite surprised to see her pull-up in the driveway that early.

Later this week we will go get our fingerprints re-taken at the local police station and schedule Dr. appointments to get our tests redone and medical forms filled out. It's a pain, yes, but a necessity and at least now we feel like we are in the home stretch in the wait to see our daughter's face - should be this summer!

This weekend we are off to Gatlinburg with the church youth for a snowboarding trip. I don't snowboard, so my friend Marcia, sister-in-law Shelby and I will be hitting the outlets. I haven't been buying much for Lily Kate lately and we all know that buying clothes for baby girls is about as much fun as you can have shopping.

The following weekend we are heading to Savannah to meet up with other waiting parents from our December 2005 DTC group. We are really looking forward to meeting some new people, as well as seeing our travel mates, the wonderful Susan and Riz again, along with the lovely Wendy and her two adorable daughters, Kate and Claire. More shopping, great food, nice people and beautiful place - should be a great weekend. Keeping busy is helping to make the wait more bearable for us and the time seems to be flying by...come on summer!


  1. uuugggghhhhhh, I am soooooo not wanting to do everything over - it stinks, but we are getting ready for our do over also.

  2. Has anyone warned the outlet stores? Did Marcia show you the adorable dress she sent for Sera? It's too cute!

  3. Hey...we just did that, too. Lucky for us Georgia folks, we have it easier than most, although it sounds like you're doing more than I had to.

    Also, I love that you linked to the December folks on your blog!

  4. We are just starting the re-do of our paperwork. Our homestudy is this weekend. Luckily, we aren't as nervous this time around. Hopefully everything will go smoothly and our babies will be here before we know it!

  5. You didn't tell me she came early...aaagh! I hate it when people show up too early. Atleast she knows you bathe..:)

  6. You didn't tell me she came early...aaagh! I hate it when people show up too early. Atleast she knows you bathe...:)