While we are all waiting with bated breath for the next batch of referrals to come out (and stalking the RQ Site for any morsel of news), I thought I’d mention my obsession with American Idol – man, do I love that show, despite all it’s faults and lameness (especially the auditions – will they ever be over??)

Every week, we get together with a group of friends and family and watch the show. We have a few snacks and drinks and just laugh, talk and enjoy the spectacle. We have been doing this for the past four seasons and wouldn’t miss it! We even have a big finale party. I haven’t seen anyone yet who has really impressed me, but they focus so much on the bad people at the beginning, that you don’t get a feel for who might be a winner. The judges are often as entertaining as the contestants, especially Paula, depending on her medication levels… anyway, I love me some Idol and this season, more than ever, it will help us pass the time until we hear something about our baby girl.

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  1. Yep! I'm sucked in to. And thankful for something to occupy every Tues and Wed for awhile... I know I should be reading attachment books or searching for that perfect baby carrier, but American Idol will have to do for now.