Although I am not feeling at all celebratory, I will still post the following list in honor of 15 months since our LID. After you read it, scroll down to see what's got me in a funk and why today's milestone is not making me all warm and fuzzy.

15 things we have done/will do to pass the time during the wait:

1. Trip to Disneyworld – November 2005
2. Remodeled our bathroom – early 2006
3. Snowboarding trip with the church youth – February 2006
4. Had a yard sale – April 2006
5. Headed to the beach for our 4th wedding anniversary – May 2006
6. Went on a family vacation – June 2006
7. Back to the beach! – October 2006
8. Started Weight Watchers – January 2007 (current loss =15 lbs!)
9. Snowboarding again with the youth! – February 2007
10. Traveled to Savannah for a Waiting Families weekend – March 2007
11. Went on a cruise to Mexico (Jonathan) – March 2007
12. Trip to the beach to celebrate 5 year anniversary – April 2007
13. Hawaii!! – May 2007
14. Fly to New Hampshire for a friends wedding – June 2007
15. Travel to Savannah for our nephews wedding – July 2007

and now the bad news...


  1. Stumbling upon your blog was a timely accident. My brother and sister-in-law have recently begun their adoption from China, and might appreciate your reflections on your experience.

    We have two adopted sons from Russia, so can identify with some of your celebrations and setbacks.

  2. Hi!
    Have you been invited to the waiting family gathering we do monthly? Lisa Shanahan used to organize them? If not, please let me know. The next one is at my house and we sure would love to have you!