Please read this!

I know it's quite long, but PLEASE take time to read this article on attachment in adoption. So many times we hear only about the happy stuff and rarely the flip side of adoption.

We are doing our very best to be prepared and open for whatever happens when we get Lily Kate. This article illustrates one mother's struggles to deal with problems that can arise in institutionalized children. So, if you would, please read and pray that our daughter is being cared for with love and attention. She is so much a part of us already - it hurts us to think of her lonely and afraid.


  1. That breaks my heart to think of all of those little babies lying alone in their cribs.

  2. I have read many , many articles about attachment, before and since our daughter, Libby Mei arrived home last June. This is a very insightful one, and I will read it many times as we watch Libby grow. Attachment is a complicated process, and sometimes is hard to assess. Though Libby seems to be thriving , I am always watching... I have loved following your journey so far. Anxious to see your baby! Erin (& Libby Mei)