Today we pass the 17-month mark since our dossier was logged-in at the CCAA. Although we don't know when we get our referral, I was slightly encouraged after speaking to our agency on Friday, as they believe we will get our referral and travel to China this year - I just hope they are right.

I have started work on the nursery again and thought I'd post a picture of the progress.
The walls are painted, but I want to paint something else on the bottom half, either stripes or some other design. Our plan was to do bead board on the bottom, but we have decided to simplify things a bit, as we are building a beautiful new house! We will hopefully start in the fall, and I will wait to put all my creative energy into the new rooms!

Jonathan has been working on the house plans for some time now and finally finished this week. He is also designing the house next door for our friends Derek and Marcia, so our great neighbors will be moving with us! There will be more to come on this in the weeks and months ahead - a nice big project to keep us occupied until we go to China!!


  1. I certainly hope you have a referral this year. It's amazing how it continues to slow down. I have a local friend with an 11/24/05 LID.

    The house is exciting news. I know that your neighbors are looking forward to it, too. ;o)

  2. Happy 17 months, and good luck with the room. Looks pretty so far!