Guilty Pleasures

My current show to watch is So You Think You Can Dance on Fox. I actually got hooked on this last summer, but never found one other person who watched it. My husband actually made fun of me for tuning in, and I figured the only other people watching were teenage girls, who make up 90% of the studio audience. This time around, I have actually discovered a few other devotees (what’s up E?) and I admit to being completely hooked on this show, in all it’s cheesiness – these kids can really dance.

Other current faves are both Bravo shows - Top Chef: Miami and Kathy Griffin’s My Life on the D-List (love her). I can watch pretty much anything on Bravo (Project Runway or Actor’s Studio anyone?), but if there’s nothing on there, I can always find an episode of Law and Order on somewhere to watch - SVU, CI or the original are all good with me. Just biding my time until Lost comes back in February...sigh!


  1. I LOVE "So, you think you can dance", and I freely admit I have watched every single episode all 3 seasons. Last year was great!

    Also like Kathy Griffin, and Law on Order (although I don't really like CI) How are we going to squeeze in all this TV goodness once we become Mommies?

  2. I LOVE "So you think you can Dance!" I have watched all three seasons. Then again, I loved "Dancing with the Stars" too. Must be something about Dancing. I love anything on Bravo too. It helps get me through the long summers when all of the other channels are showing re-runs.

  3. I was the biggest SYTYCD fan lst year - I LOVED Benji.
    Not so into it this year, I always seem to miss it :0(

  4. Melissa:

    One word - TIVO. It will change your life :)

    P.S. I loved Benji too!

  5. Hi Susan - I must admit that I'm a big Top Chef fan! I think they should have gone ahead and let Howie go Wednesday night - I don't like that guy! :>)