We're approved (again!)

Today we received our updated I-797 from the USCIS. Actually, I went to pick it up, since it's been two months in the making and I didn't want to chance it getting lost in the mail, which is apparently what happened to our recent letter to them.

We received a letter on June 4th, stating that our application was approved pending confirmation from us regarding the number of children we were requesting to adopt. Seems our home study and application didn't match and they needed us to clarify. I put down 2-3 for the number of children and we had been recommended for two. Now, let me say that I copied exactly what I we had listed on the first I-600A, and 2-3 includes two, but whatever, I'll play along if it gets me to China and Lily Kate. When we put down 2-3 originally, we wanted to allow for twins and maybe another (ha! funny us); bottom line - we wanted to leave our options open. I immediately drafted a letter saying two was fine and waited for the approval to arrive in the mail.

I realized after I sent it that I may have put too little postage on the letter, as it had just recently increased (curse you USPS), so I emailed the address listed on the web site to inquire if the letter had been received. After a couple of emails back and forth I was somewhat tersely informed that they had not received the letter, even though two weeks had passed and we were in the same zip code! Again, whatever, I play nice and I wait a few more days before I check again, only to be told it still isn't there. In the interim I have (duh!) misplaced their letter, but decide to send a follow-up letter and attach the one I sent two weeks prior.

Today, I emailed asking about the status of our file and was told that they sent us a letter, but had not heard from us. I explained what happened (this is the same person I might add) and said a letter was en route, but could I fax her a copy in the meantime? She said, brace yourselves, "Oh, just email me if two children are fine and I'll approve it right now" Why in the name of all that is holy did she not just tell me that in the initial email exchange??? We both could have been saved aggravation and unnecessary emails, etc? She then asked if I wanted her to mail it, or would I rather pick it up? I wasn't going to make the same mistake again, so told her I'd be there at lunch to pick it up, and that's where I have just returned from. So, we are good for another 18 months (although our fingerprints expire in April '08) and pray that we get there before then. I don't think I can handle another series of these updates!

**Update: When I got home last night, I found my original letter returned to me marked postage needed - it was stamped 6/5/07 and needed .02. I think the post office spent more than 2 cents returning that letter to me, don't you? And took almost 3 weeks to do so...that's crazy.


  1. OMG Susan I can't believe it we had an issue with the number of children we are approved for too, how strange.... I am glad yours worked out I am still trying to fix ours.

    We WILL be home with Lily Kate and Sophia before April of 2008. I will not allow myself to think other wise.

    Susan Rizzo

  2. So glad you got that paper!

  3. Hi Susan - Congratulations on finally getting your I171H. I know it was a pain to have to do it again but to me, when we got ours, it just wasn't as happy and joyful as the first time (imagine happy dancing with my then-4yr old in the kitchen!!!).

    I agree with Susan R., I just don't see us waiting another 18 months!

    Karen N.

  4. Congratulations! Now, let's all hope and pray that we will get our babies before the new ones expire! Susan, the postage thing sounds like something I would do! Argggg!
    I'm glad everything worked out for you!

  5. Congratulations on another hurdle cleared. It can't be long now...right?

    Thanks for visiting my blog. I will add you to my roll since we are so close in our LIDS.