We're outta here

We are headed to the beach early tomorrow a.m. for a few days vacation, meeting up with Jonathan’s brothers, their wives, kids and his Mom, who have been there all week. We are staying here, which is less than a mile from their house, so it should work out well.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!


  1. Looks like it should be a good time for all, have fun!

  2. Have fun at the beach!! I am so jealous! :o)

  3. Hi, We hope that you have a great time and the next time you see us out, please stop and say hello. We would have loved to chat with you. In fact, we can just plan a meeting for some time if you would like. Enjoy your vacation...especially enjoy lying on the beach without any distractions. You will miss that luxury after you finally get Lily Kate, not that you will mind, but you will miss that luxury :-)
    Amy, David and Emily Grace