Four days from now

...my wonderful nephew Tristan will marry the delightful Lexa. I can't believe he's getting married! He's my first-born nephew whose diapers I changed, who I sang songs with, rocked to sleep and watched play soccer, basketball and guitar. I talked about the engagement here last year, and cannot believe how time has flown. Of course, it goes without saying that we thought we'd be home with Lily Kate by now, but we've said that on so many holidays and occasions (sigh...).

We are excited to be headed down to Savannah on Thursday for the numerous and sure-to-be lovely wedding festivities, where will be seeing family and friends that we haven't seen in far too long. I am sure we will have lots of great photos (and maybe a few stories to tell) to share when we get back, so be sure and come back next week and find out.



The latest post on the Rumor Queen says this:

"Three agencies are giving info that says the CCAA is going to match all of November and a few days of December in this next batch.

But, as was reported last night, a very dependable agency is still telling their December people they will likely be referred in November."

What this would mean for us, if either turns out to be accurate, is that, should the first be true, we would likely get a referral in October. If the second came to pass, we would get our referral in December. Only time will tell!

Looks like another bumpy ride this month!!


...months since log-in today! It has been a long road to here, and we are not at the end yet, but we are still filled with love, hope and excitement at the knowledge that we WILL be parents to Lily Kate. Please continue to pray for us, and most especially, that our daughter is healthy and being cared for with love and kindness.


Latest news from China

The CCAA updated their web site twice this week. Earlier in the week, it changed to show that they have now reviewed files through May 31, 2006. These families are breathing a big sigh of relief that they made it through review and are approved to adopt from China!

This morning, CCAA updated to show the latest cut-off for referrals - November 14, 2005. This is just 7 days of LID's, but we are making progress! We have heard that October and November were large months, so hopefully, once we get through these two months, we will go back to (at least) two week batches.

Congratulations to all the families who will soon be seeing their sweet babies for the first time!