Weekend with Suz and Ribz

I briefly mentioned in a previous post that our friends and travel mates, Susan and Riz, came to visit us for the weekend a few weeks ago. Well, I am finally getting around to posting a few photos.

We had a wonderful time and took a trip to the Zoo on Saturday, to join in the festivities for the baby panda, Mei-Lan's, 1st birthday. There wasn't quite the level of celebration we expected, but we had a good time nonetheless, as we were also joined by our friends Derek and Marcia. They are adopting a 3-year-old from China, who they will call Ava, and hope to travel very soon to bring her home. Isn't she just too sweet and cute? We can't wait to meet her!

It was the Rizzo's very first trip to The Varsity! It was packed, as it was game day, but we managed to find a spot to enjoy our delicious chili dogs, onion rings and frosted oranges...yum! That night we had dinner at one of our favorite local hangouts, The Manchester Arms, and just sat talking until they closed the place down. We said our goodbyes and hope that the next time we see each other, it's on the flight to China.

I don't have one single picture (forgot our camera) of Friday evening spent with the Heddens, a local family we met through our agency's Yahoo group, who returned a little over a month ago with their precious son Sam. They also have a daughter, Emma, and three more lovely boys, Robbie, Jack and Coleman. Julie and Russ were so gracious to host the four of us at their home, and we truly appreciate all the great information (and fun stories) they shared with us about their two trips to China and assimilating to life back home.

Thanks again guys, we hope to see you all again soon. All in all, a great weekend!


Survivor China!

Tonight, the new season of Survivor starts on CBS. I mention this because I plan on watching and it takes place in China this season. This is the first time that a U.S. TV show has been allowed this kind of access into China. I will be watching to get glimpses into life in China – albeit edited for TV. We may even be seeing the region where Lily Kate is!


Nice Matters (just like our Mom's always told us...)

  1. "This award is for bloggers who are nice people, good blog friends, and those who inspire good feelings and inspiration. Also, for those who are a positive influence on our blogging world”.

    Thank you to my sweet friend Susan R who nominated me for this. She is one of the wonderful friends I have made on this adoption journey, and J and I are so excited to be traveling with Susan and her husband Riz to China for our girls (we are with the same agency). We have been lucky enough to meet and spend several weekends together (I will post about our recent one soon), and they are fun, easy-going and a pleasure to be with. We are going to have a great time in China together! We never thought we’d still be waiting, but meeting and getting to know people such as the Rizzo’s has made all of this much easier to deal with. Susan is one of the most thoughtful, caring people I know, and I have told her several times that she is the team “Mom” in our travel group – she is just that kind of person. Susan, you are going to be an amazing Mom to Sophia and I can't wait to see you and Riz meet her for the 1st time :)

    I have also been nominated by Cheri, who along with her husband Shane is getting soooo close to referral for their daughter Hope. Cheri and Shane are also using EAC as their agency and we can’t wait to follow their travels to bring Hope home. We got to spend some time with them down in Savannah earlier this year, and we look forward to seeing them again at a future “GOLF” reunion, or at an EAC picnic. They are special people who are going to make spectacular parents. Thank you Cheri for the nomination and for always having a kind and encouraging word!

    In turn, I am to nominate 7 other bloggers, so I will try to choose people who haven’t been picked yet, but someone else may beat me to the punch! I know a couple of these lovely ladies, but most I have never met, just followed online and shared a comment or email with along the way. Here they are:

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Top 10 Baby Wish List

My good buddy Susan tagged me for this. Since we haven't had a shower or anything yet, there are still lots of things we need, so I could easily post more that 10, but these are among my most coveted - and they are in no particular order.

I definitely want a Mei Tai baby carrier. They come in the cutest colors and patterns and from what I have read, they are the most comfortable to wear - also great for promoting attachment.

One Step Ahead has the best gear for babies and my niece had one of these last summer on our family vacation and she loved it. This one has a shade as well, which is awesome.

These dresses made from vintage pillowcases are gorgeous - so simple and beautiful. I can just see LK on the beach, or a garden, wearing this dress for a photo shoot :)

Since most baby announcements are geared towards those who just gave birth, I really like the adoption announcements on this web site. They are very sweet and I particularly like this one that uses all black and white shots.

I really like the idea of a reversible stroller and this is my favorite so far- made by Bugaboo. I just think having the baby facing me makes more sense - especially during the first few months we are home with Lily Kate and attachment is key. It's not only reversible, it's lightweight and easy to fold and store.

Since I am an 80's girl, I dig these rockin' t-shirts and onesies for babies. Gotta have a Blondie shirt for LK, and maybe a Ramones one as well:)

Once we get her to start sleeping in her own room, this will come in handy. It'll also be great for nap time - and it's wireless - how cool is that?

I research everything I buy exhaustively, and all roads lead to Britax for car seat safety. This is something you can't scrimp on and the bonus is all the cute patterns they come in. I am still torn between this one and the cow pattern.

I love these adorable Asian inspired growth charts. We used to write directly on the wall, but this is a much better idea, cause you can take it with you when you move!

And I have wanted some of these headbands since I first saw them on another China Mom's blog. They are just too freakin' cute, especially when you have a baby with little or no hair.


Not so much

So this month's cut-off has been posted on the CCAA's web site and you can see for yourself that it's not what we hoped for - not by a long shot.

I am not sure what to say here really. Four days ?? The snail's pace progress continues.

I am happy for those who will soon be getting wonderful news about their long-awaited children and look forward to seeing the babies pictures as they are posted. As for us, we will continue to move ahead and live day-to-day, knowing we will get our referral someday and it will all be worth it when it comes...