Not much going on at the moment, except that our friends, Derek and Marcia, leave TODAY for China! They will meet Ava on Monday and return to the U.S. on November 15th. You can follow their journey here.

We are walking this weekend in the ALS Walk, for the 3rd year running. A very dear friend, Paula, passed away this year from this disease and we walk in her memory. Last year, we had over 100 people walking in her honor. Should be a great day for a wonderful cause.

Referrals should be announced soon. Rumors have predicted anywhere from the 5th to the 12th, so we’ll have to wait and see what happens. Stay tuned!

Update:    Referrals are rumored to be coming soon (tomorrow maybe) and it looks like they will make it to December 8th.  That means the next group at our agency is in - congrats to all, especially to Cheri and Shane, who will see their daughter Hope very soon!!  



I am in an odd place --emotionally speaking-- at the moment. On one hand, we are starting to glimpse a dim light at the end of the (long) tunnel, but I still feel so much in limbo, not knowing when we will see LK's face and begin planning our trip to bring her home. I get all excited one minute, only to come crashing down the next when I think about the worst-case scenario, and how long we might still have to wait.

About mid-month, I start to think about the next batch of referrals, and despite my best efforts, I am once again stalking Rumor Queen, trying to find something - anything - out. It is so unbelievable to me that we are going to pass the two-year mark before we travel to China. I just wish there was some way to know for sure when it will happen, to have an answer when people ask "Any news?", and look puzzled when I say "Not yet", for the umpteenth time. Any information is better than none, even the kind we don't want to hear, and I just wish we knew something concrete.


The Latest

I know it's been awhile since I've updated. We recently passed the 21 month mark in our wait...what can I say, except it is what it is and we are still here!

The CCAA released their latest batch of referrals a couple of weeks ago and although it was only five days worth, at least we have now seen the last of November!! So, the next batch will be some portion of December, hopefully at least a week, and we will continue to hang in there, waiting to hear those magical words - you're next!

On a very happy note, our friends Marcia and Derek leave on October 31 to bring their sweet Ava home. We are so excited for them and can't wait to see the pictures and hear all about their journey....God is good!