It's oh so quiet

November is almost over and no real rumors have emerged. Based on previous months, referrals should come out on or close to Monday, December 3rd and we have heard practically nothing about when the cut-off date might be...weird.

We are, of course, hoping that they get much further into December, so we can better estimate when we might get our referral. Right now, we are thinking February/March, but that could change - in either direction - depending on what the CCAA does. Christmas is all about miracles, so there is always hope, right?

Whatever happens we will wait as long as we have to, for our daughter(s?), who is already born, somewhere in China.


  1. Susan you are oh so right about Christmas miracles. I am hoping for one this year. We will get there together one day soon. I know for sure that LK and Sophie have been born and that they are together somewhere in China... That keeps me going...

  2. Either way, the holidays will be a nice distraction from the "wait." It was for us. We were where you are last year. We received our referral on Feb 1st 2007. Last year, I was glad to have the process of Christmas to think about instead of the "wait" ... Jan was long and then once Feb hit, our lives have seemed to bit on "fast forward" ever since. This year seriously flew by!!! It is now your turn to go through these motions!!
    Try to relax this Christmas and sit down a lot, while you can :-)
    I can't wait to hear your good news, which is coming soon!!!