Happy Birthday Jonathan!

Today is my sweet husband's birthday.  If I haven't already made it clear, I am crazy about this guy. He is the funniest, smartest, kindest, sexiest man I know. Loving him makes me a better person. I can't imagine going through this life without him.

We have been talking about getting a dog for some time now, and we are heading off to look at some dogs this afternoon.  Stay tuned for news about a furry family member!

Happy Birthday Johnny - I love you! Next year Lily Kate will be helping you blow out your candles!

P.S. We are happy to hear about the latest cut-off date for referrals of 12/27.  Now there are only 14 days of LID's between us and our baby...it won't be long now!  

Update:  Okay, it's official - we are owners of an adorable little dog we named Henry. He isn't the dog we went to see, but we fell in love and he's ours! He's some sort of terrier mix , about 6 months old, and he's awfully sweet and friendly and will be a great buddy for Lily Kate.


  1. Johnny Love HAPPY BIRTHDAY !!!! Your wife is the sweetest person and Henry is adorable too.....

    Have a great Birthday

    Susan and Riz

    P.S. Riz wanted me to say Happy Birthday “Baby Boy” Hee hee hee

  2. Happy Birthday Jonathan!!!
    HOLY MOLY - I am in love with Henry!!!
    SO happy you have the love of a dog now - and WAY TO GO for getting a rescue!!!!!!!