First Rumors

The first rumors are beginning to emerge and they say that matching has begun.  So, somewhere in China, a CCAA worker might have our information in front of them, and be pairing it with a baby!  If you want to read more about how matching works, go here to a post I did some time ago that explains all about it.  It takes my breath away to think about this - it may already be done and our baby's picture might be clipped to our file!

Rumors about the cut-off date are starting as well and several people have said their agencies are telling them they are included with log-in dates of January 10th (that's us), and even up to January 13th.  None of this has been confirmed yet, but we should start to see some more information come in over the next several days.  I just have a feeling about next week and think we will see referrals on or about April 3rd.  I have this knot in my stomach right now and am having a hard time concentrating on anything but this - our baby - who she is and where she is and how soon we can hold her.  I'll keep you all posted as soon as I hear anything...


  1. We're SOOOO excited for you guys and can't wait to see those first pictures of Lily Kate!!!! :)

  2. I get a knot in my stomach, too, just reading your words/feelings!!! I am so excited for all three of you. Your family! I am ready for some awesome news!

  3. I am ready as I know you are it wont be long now and we will be jumping for joy... I can't wait..

    Hang in there


  4. Oh my goodness!! I can't wait to hear the great news!! Soon, soon soon! I love you both so much, and very soon you will see your long awaited baby (babies :))

  5. I bet your stomach is doing flips right now! So exciting!

  6. Yea!!! Finally!! We can't wait either!

    Lisa Love

  7. I'm bitting my nails, caramba!
    Can hardly wait, Susanita...she's almost home, in your arms.


  8. You guys must be sitting on pins and needles waiting for referrals! Soon! Soon!!


  9. I felt a chill up my spine reading that even though I've heard you say it and I've been reading the same stuff!! I so hope they come early this week! I want to see her picture before we go out of town. I can't wait to meet our new neighbor(s)!!! I can't wait to see our girls playing together!