Today is my parent's 50th Wedding Anniversary.  

My mom was a mere 19 when they married and my dad 21. They left their home and all they knew behind in England and boarded a ship to America just a couple of weeks after this photo was taken.  I can't imagine getting married, moving to a new country and having my first child in my early 20's...that took great courage and a lot of faith.

My parents are wonderful, amazing people and have weathered many storms over their five decades together.   They are a blessing to their family and friends and we will celebrate them this evening with a special dinner. Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad - we love you! 


  1. WOW! What a wonderful milestone. Congratulations to your mom and dad and to your family. It is an inspiration to see people that have weathered the trials and tribulations of marriage for so many years. This brought tears to my eyes..


  2. Wow...50 years!!! That is wonderful!! Please pass on our "Congratulations" to them.

    P.S. Wishing you & Jonathan (and your families) a wonderful Easter....just think, this is your last holiday without Lily Kate!!

    Cheri, Shane & Hope

  3. Please congratulate John and Brenda for me... I have very fond memories of holidays spend with you all.

    Hugs & smiles,


  4. What a great picture! I didn't realize that they moved to America right away! Congratulations to them!

    Come on RQ...where are the rumors???

  5. Susan every time I look at this picture it strikes me how much you look like your father...

    I am with Marcia by the way.. Come on Rumors......

    Love ya

  6. Yea, I definitely look like my dad, but some people have always said I looked my mom - I never saw it when I was younger, but it's becoming more true as I get older.