It appears that this may be our last month of counting time since our log-in date (LID), as we will likely get our referral in April and the long wait to see Lily Kate's face will be over!  Then, of course, a new count will begin - the days until we hold her in our arms.  I will joyfully and gratefully countdown those days as we prepare for our lives to change forever, somewhere in China, in the very near future!

As you can see from the chart above (via Rumor Queen), we are in even under the "Horrid Case" scenario. If we can just get through the next three weeks to find out if we are really are...c'mon April!  

Update March 13th:  Here is link to another chart which also shows us in for April!  The chart was created by a dad, Dave, who is also adopting from China and has a knack for numbers. His expected cut-off is January 10.


We are positively GIDDY with excitement people!


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  2. We are thinking alike today... Happy LID anniversary... You know we have not been able to say that in so many months but this month I really feel like it is a celebration because it will be our last and you and I will be holding our girls soon. Riz and I are really looking forward to watching as you and Jonathan become parents....

  3. Sorry that first one was me...:)

  4. hi from a lurker...congratulations on making it to 26! How awesome that "you are next!" - Lili

  5. Susan,

    I am SOOOO excited for you!! Hopefully we won't be too far behind.

    Thinking of you!!
    Connie Davis
    LID 2/27/06

    p.s. I am sorry we weren't able to meet when I was in Atlanta - maybe next time!

  6. Just one more month! Great guns! Finally!

    Alyson LID 01/27/06