Poll Results

Well, the votes are in and 50% of you believe that LilyKate will be between 9-12 months at referral.  Chances are high that this will be the case, but we really don't care how old she is, as long as she is healthy.  It is so freakin' exciting knowing that we will find out in just a few weeks.

In the meantime, scroll down the right hand side of the blog and look under Waiting Families to see three couples meet their daughters (Catherine, Zoe and Hannah) in the next few days...so cool!  I have been following their stories for a long time and am so happy and excited for them.  This wait has been long for so many families and we know we have not been alone in our longing for our children.  Seeing other families realize their dreams has given me so much encouragement and has helped us to keep the faith.  We are so close!

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  1. You are so precious! You make me excited for you! Although our wait for our first China girl was so short compared to what you've endured, I remember the ache in my heart and the emptiness of my arms just waiting for MY child to come. I promise you that once you see that picture and then hold that sweet child for the first time, you WILL KNOW why your wait was so long and have the peace that you have found the child you were always supposed to have. I am cheering you on from the sidelines, and I can't wait to see your story unfold. Enjoy every second of these last, anxious weeks...enjoy the anticipation, the joy, and the certainty that you will soon see your child. YOu are about to experience one fo the most emotion filled, happiest days of your life! God bless you both!!