Today, we drove to Birmingham, to attend a seminar at the University of Alabama's International Adoption Clinic. We took along my parents, and Jonathan's mom, and spent the day hearing about medical issues, bonding and attachment, language and development. There were people there from several states who were adopting from various countries - China, Ethiopia, Vietnam and Russia among them. I really wanted our parents to hear first hand the issues we might deal with and the special circumstances of adopting a child from another country - one who has likely spent time in an orphanage, or in foster care.  The seminar was very informative and the staff at the UAB Clinic are wonderful...passionate about what they do and committed to making the lives of children, many of whom have had tough beginnings, more stable and fulfilling - not to mention, they have all adopted children themselves! If you have a clinic like this in your area and are considering adoption, or waiting, I highly recommend attending a seminar, getting a pre-adoption evaluation and making an appointment when you are home. They have insight and understanding into our children in ways that most Pediatricians, Family and Occupational Therapists do not. They also offer services while you are traveling and knowing that we can call them when we are in China, with any questions or concerns, is a huge comfort.


As for our referral...we still don't know anything more, but are hopeful we will hear this coming week. Please keep praying for us as we continue to wait.


  1. We are also a Ga waitinng family and it sounds like you had a great experience.

    Will be praying

  2. You all are going to be such GREAT parents. It sounds like a good weekend..

    Hang in there THIS IS the week...


  3. Don't you just love the staff there? They are all very wonderful and great moms and professionals! We give a quarterly scholarhip to the clinic so that parents who may not have the means to attend the seminar can! We also took my mom and MIL with us to the seminar and I was glad I did because it meant that they heard from somone else that they would not be able to really hold Mary Austin or do anything for her at first. You will not regret going! I still ask Jill, Leigh Ann and Jennifer questions about Mary Austin and she will be home 4 years this July.

    Cannot wait to hear about your referral! Hopefully this week! Hang in there! The roller coaster just may be coming to the end!

    Birmingham, AL

  4. PS - Just wait once you get that referral you REALLY will not be able to think or concentrate on anything else except maybe packing!

  5. That is so great that you were able to tske Lily Kate's grandparents with you!

    The U of MN has an IA clinic also -- but our parents are out of the area, so we haven't been able to get them to attend anything. I've mentioned to my mother before that Nora may have some developmental delays and she just says "Oh, don't say that!". My reply was that denial doesn't do anybody any good and that hurt her feelings. Ugh.

    What an exiciting week for you guys -- we'll be thinking of you!

    Jennifer K