On the edge

We have no news yet, but it does look as if the cut-off for this month will be January 12.  Again, a very small batch of referrals, but we are definitely in.  My heart goes out to those logged in after us and we hope and pray that next month will include more than 3 or 4 days.  Our agency does not know if referrals will come this week or next.  We would truly love to get a call on Friday, so we can share the news with family and friends this weekend at our niece's wedding and in church on Sunday, but we may have to wait until next week.  I know a few more days shouldn't matter at this point, but what a weekend we would have armed with the knowledge of who our daughter is, what she looks like and where she is living.  We are ready to see her!!


6 years

Today is our 6th Anniversary and for the first time since we have been married, we are at home for the occasion.  We went to Rosemary Beach for our 1st anniversary and have been going there ever since.  We love it so much there, we go again at least once more each year, usually in October. But, since we have a big trip coming up soon (China!!!), we decided to stay home this year.  Our plans today include church this a.m., reservations for lunch, followed by some flower-planting and clean-up in the garden.  That last part is not so romantic, but our house is finally going on the market this week and we need to add some extra curb appeal for those listing photos.  We don't mind being at home this year, since our referral is right around the corner, but we are missing the beach this weekend.  We do plan on heading there in October and look forward to letting LilyKate get her first taste of sun, sand and water.  Every trip there we have talked about how much fun we will have with her along, and how we can't wait to share that, and so many other new adventures, with her.  I have talked before about what an incredible dad Jonathan will be and I do believe that this wait and all this preparation will make us both better parents.  I know we will appreciate the experiences more having waited and treasure all our moments with our daughter, just as we have done with each other the past two+  years, knowing our couple time was limited.


Happy Anniversary my love.  Being with you is all I imagined, wanted, hoped for and more!  I look forward to how our life will change and grow as a family in the weeks, months and years ahead.  I love you!


The answer is sure to come

Another week has gone by and we are starting to get a little excited.  After last month's disappointment, we have been cautious with our feelings and doing our best to stay calm, but a week or so out from when referrals should arrive, we are starting to feel the butterflies re-emerge and the anticipation begin to build.  If you told us when we sent our application off in August 2005 that we would still be waiting today, we would not have believed it.  That following May, we took a trip down to Savannah to meet some of our travel mates (and now great friends), the Rizzo's  as well as Wendy and her two beautiful girls, Kate and Claire.  As we were having breakfast at Clary's on the last morning, Wendy predicted we would wait eighteen months for our referrals.  Susan and I just looked at each other, both of us thinking "no way". We talked about it later, when things really started to slow down and said "huh, maybe Wendy will be right after all"...little did we know that it would be another ten months on top of the eighteen she predicted!

It has been a crazy, long, frustrating, wait, but it has also been amazing to get to know people we would never have met but through China adoption, to take some great weekend trips and vacations, and to learn more about each other and ourselves as we prepare for a brand new life as a family of three.  I believe that when "the call" finally comes, we will know that this wait has been for good reason, and our chosen child (by God with a little help from the CCAA) is ready and waiting for us on the other side of the world.  The timing will be perfect.


Half-way point

Well, it's April 15th and we are half-way through the month.  We know we are in next time, but are not sure exactly when we will get "the call" - probably somewhere between May 1-8.  I thought knowing would give me a sense of calm, but I am starting to get stressed again.  I guess it's natural to feel a little anxious, but I do wish I could feel completely peaceful about this part of the wait.  I don't think I will be truly at peace until we have our daughter in our arms...

I have been trying to get some things done around the house while waiting, but I have to admit I'm having a tough time focusing.  I am sure once we get our referral, we will shift into high gear, but it hasn't happened yet.  I have done a little more work in LilyKate's room and it is clear of all junk and starting to come together.  This weekend we inherited an adorable bookshelf, made by Jonathan's grandpa for our niece (thanks M, L, M & J).  It looks great and I just need to get some cute baskets to store toys and stuff and we'll be all set. I wasn't planning on getting a glider, but my parents had a friend who was giving one away, so I took it.  All I had to do was wash the seat cushions.  I think it works in the room and you can't beat a freebie!  I have been collecting girly-stuff for more than two years - picture frames, knick-knacks, books and toys (not to mention clothes!), but it feels great to be putting it all in place finally for LK's arrival.


Sweet Baby Joseph

Precious one, so small, so sweet, dancing in on angel feet.

Straight from Heaven's brightest star, what a miracle you are.

author unknown



This is one of the sweetest things I have ever seen. I found this on another adoptive mom's blog and had to share. I have needed grace these past few weeks and watching this little girl is proof it exists.

She also does a wonderful rendition of the Lord's Prayer and is a great storyteller. Check out her other video's on YouTube after you watch this one.  Too cute!


The Good, the bad and the inevitable

So...it appears that the CCAA has confirmed that the cutoff is indeed January 9th, so one more month of waiting for us my friends!   The good news is we won't have to worry about whether we are in next month, for we know we we will be, and the best part is knowing we WILL see our baby's face in a few short weeks. Sending lots of love out to our fellow 1/10'ers, especially Susan and Riz, Nancy and Ed, Marie and Doug, and all our travel group.  We will be in China soon to meet our babies and all this waiting and frustration will be behind us...it won't be long!  Congratulations to all the families who received referrals this month - such cute, and young babies this time around.

In other very good news, my younger brother Sean and wife Christine welcomed their second child into the world (a few weeks early) at 2:20 am this morning - a sweet baby boy weighing in at 6 lbs 1 oz, who they have named Joseph Patrick.  I am going to jump in the shower and head to the hospital in a few minutes to see them.  Nothing like holding a newborn baby to make everything seem right with the world! 


Where we are

So, still no official word, but yesterday rumors started emerging that the cut-off date for this month is January 9th - which would mean we miss getting a referral by one day!  I hesitate to even post this, as it has not been confirmed yet, but since I first let everyone know about the initial rumor - that the cut-off was January 10th - I thought it only right that I post this information as well.  Needless to say, if we miss getting the call by one day, we will be heartbroken.  This month was the first time that we began to believe this was happening for us and we might have a picture of our baby's face very soon.  We finally let ourselves get excited and shared that enthusiasm with all our family and friends...so hard to have to go back and tell them all (and ourselves) that it's not to be.  I am not sure when we will know, but I promise we will post here as soon as we do.  Thank you all for sticking with us, hoping for us, praying for us, and most of all, loving us.  We love you all.