The answer is sure to come

Another week has gone by and we are starting to get a little excited.  After last month's disappointment, we have been cautious with our feelings and doing our best to stay calm, but a week or so out from when referrals should arrive, we are starting to feel the butterflies re-emerge and the anticipation begin to build.  If you told us when we sent our application off in August 2005 that we would still be waiting today, we would not have believed it.  That following May, we took a trip down to Savannah to meet some of our travel mates (and now great friends), the Rizzo's  as well as Wendy and her two beautiful girls, Kate and Claire.  As we were having breakfast at Clary's on the last morning, Wendy predicted we would wait eighteen months for our referrals.  Susan and I just looked at each other, both of us thinking "no way". We talked about it later, when things really started to slow down and said "huh, maybe Wendy will be right after all"...little did we know that it would be another ten months on top of the eighteen she predicted!

It has been a crazy, long, frustrating, wait, but it has also been amazing to get to know people we would never have met but through China adoption, to take some great weekend trips and vacations, and to learn more about each other and ourselves as we prepare for a brand new life as a family of three.  I believe that when "the call" finally comes, we will know that this wait has been for good reason, and our chosen child (by God with a little help from the CCAA) is ready and waiting for us on the other side of the world.  The timing will be perfect.


  1. I cannot wait to come here and read the good news. Be sure to plan a big celebration for the day you get the call. We went out...for Chinese, of course.

  2. The timing is perfect! I am so excited for you - I cannot believe that Lily Kate is only days away from being seen by her mom and dad.

  3. We adopted Mary Austin at the same time Wendy adopted Miss Claire! She was a great source of information and support to our DTC group!

    Hang in there! Your roller coaster ride is pulling to a stop. Then you get to embark on the tilt-a-whirl ride of travel and parenting!

    Julie H

  4. Susan, who knew? It would be this long. I remember clearly sitting in Clarey's with Wendy that morning and her saying 18 months. I remember feeling like someone had kicked me in the stomach. I remember thinking no way it won’t be that long.... We have been through so much in the almost 28 months together. WOW! It is really going to happen this time. This is it! I can't wait to see LilyKate's pretty little face. Once again we are so happy that we have made a connection to you and J. Our trip to China will be so much better because we will be with good friends...

    Big hugs to you

  5. I'm not going to get any work done next week because I'm going to be stalking Rumor Queen!!! Getting excited for you and Jonathan (and Susan and Riz)! This is almost surreal now that it is finally happening!

    Hang on...

  6. Dear Susan & Jonathan,
    I also fondly remember our first meeting at Clary's in Savannah! I remember telling you guys and the Rizzos what my thoughts were on referrals and how absolutely pale you all became!! LOL Who would have known that the wait would be double what I predicted so long ago? But now, the wait is almost over for you both! I am absolutely delighted that the two of you will get to see your precious Lily Kate's face within weeks! I cannot wait to see her myself!! We will have to get together for a beautiful baby reunion in Savannah as soon as possible! Both of you are in my heart and in my prayers as you enter into the journey of a lifetime! WE will be following your blog every step of the way!

    With much love,
    Wendy, Kate & Claire

  7. I admire you and Jonathan so very much! You are an inspiration. Hang in there. Your time is coming. I love you both. Praying, praying, praying.
    Love, Julie