Half-way point

Well, it's April 15th and we are half-way through the month.  We know we are in next time, but are not sure exactly when we will get "the call" - probably somewhere between May 1-8.  I thought knowing would give me a sense of calm, but I am starting to get stressed again.  I guess it's natural to feel a little anxious, but I do wish I could feel completely peaceful about this part of the wait.  I don't think I will be truly at peace until we have our daughter in our arms...

I have been trying to get some things done around the house while waiting, but I have to admit I'm having a tough time focusing.  I am sure once we get our referral, we will shift into high gear, but it hasn't happened yet.  I have done a little more work in LilyKate's room and it is clear of all junk and starting to come together.  This weekend we inherited an adorable bookshelf, made by Jonathan's grandpa for our niece (thanks M, L, M & J).  It looks great and I just need to get some cute baskets to store toys and stuff and we'll be all set. I wasn't planning on getting a glider, but my parents had a friend who was giving one away, so I took it.  All I had to do was wash the seat cushions.  I think it works in the room and you can't beat a freebie!  I have been collecting girly-stuff for more than two years - picture frames, knick-knacks, books and toys (not to mention clothes!), but it feels great to be putting it all in place finally for LK's arrival.


  1. wow, your pics are awesome..Hurry up May!

  2. Oh my gosh Super cute... I love it so soft, so feminine, just like a dream...

    I agree with Amy come on May...

    Love ya

  3. I didn't think I would get a glider either. In the end, we got a great deal on one and I am so happy with it. It makes the bed time bottle so nice.

    I'm getting very excited for you!!

  4. It won't be long now! May is just around the corner. I can't wait to see Lily Kate!!!

  5. I'm sooooooooo excited for you!! I love the room!!

  6. It looks great...I need to come over and see it!!! You will love the glider! It will be so nice to hold her while you read to her and put her to bed. I used my glider everynight with my boys when they were little.

    BTW, I got sucked into that little girl's singing videos!! I loved Our Father! They were all SO cute!!!

  7. Love the nursery - Emma's was the same way with the pink top and white bead board on bottom - now she is in a big girl bed - the time flies too quickly. Thinking of you - it is only a matter of days. We would love to help you celebrate! Meet in Atlanta in about 2 weeks????

  8. LilyKate's room looks great - I love the book case!

    Just 2 or 3 more weeks - you must be out of your skin!

    Have a good weekend!


  9. Love, love, love the room! And...she will love it, too! What a blessed little girl. It won't be long! May is NEXT week! I am so excited. Praying for you and Jonathan constantly!
    Julie C.