Where we are

So, still no official word, but yesterday rumors started emerging that the cut-off date for this month is January 9th - which would mean we miss getting a referral by one day!  I hesitate to even post this, as it has not been confirmed yet, but since I first let everyone know about the initial rumor - that the cut-off was January 10th - I thought it only right that I post this information as well.  Needless to say, if we miss getting the call by one day, we will be heartbroken.  This month was the first time that we began to believe this was happening for us and we might have a picture of our baby's face very soon.  We finally let ourselves get excited and shared that enthusiasm with all our family and friends...so hard to have to go back and tell them all (and ourselves) that it's not to be.  I am not sure when we will know, but I promise we will post here as soon as we do.  Thank you all for sticking with us, hoping for us, praying for us, and most of all, loving us.  We love you all.


  1. Susan Iam glad we talked this morning it made me feel so much better. Whatever happens we are in this together to the end. When we are in China holding LilyKate and Sophia it will all be a memory and joy will be the only thing we feel...

    Love you both

  2. I know how incredibly hard this must be for you right now. I hope the rumors are wrong and that you receive some really good news soon. If not, have a good cry and then start gearing up because there would be no way that you aren't next.

  3. Sigh.........the roller coaster ride is just too hard sometimes. Will keep hoping and praying for you guys.

  4. That would really suck. But you would FOR SURE be next and you wouldn't have to wonder anymore. That probably doesn't help. I'll be praying that you're in this month.

  5. Susan and Jonathan,
    First, thanks for asking for prayers for us! We will be okay.

    Second, I am praying for you. We are still excited, it is still happening, and you will still see her face soon. If not this month, next month for sure. We are still sticking with you, hoping with you, and praying with you.

    We love you so much.

  6. I hope this isn't true. This happened to us when they only did through 12/19 and it was there were no words. I know how you feel.

    I am hoping that you hear good news in the next few days!!

  7. The boys and I said an extra special prayer for LilyKate tonight...I sure hope it works:)

    Sorry about the horrible emotional roller coaster you are on...I can't wait until it finally ends!

    Love you!

  8. We are really thinking about you during this difficult time! But just know that no matter what the cut off date is, only your dossier will be matched to Lily Kate's file, and God already knows exactly who and where she is. He will unite you with your daughter and what a glorious day that will be!!

  9. Susan and Jonathan

    I pray for you guys everyday I know the roller coaster that I rode last year praying everyday that one of the babies would make it so just know God has a plan for you and it will be coming true very soon.