Answered Prayer

The past few days have been wonderful, incredible and emotional!  We got the call on Friday and had just a couple of hours to call and email our friends and family, then it was off to the rehearsal dinner for our niece Erica and fiance Robb.  We were reeling from the news that we were FINALLY parents, and to TWO babies!  I really don't think there are any words that can adequately describe what that moment was like when they told us there were two.  We saw their faces and we loved and recognized them INSTANTLY.  We are still trying to get our minds around it and we look at each other every know and then and just say "Twins!"  The blessing of these two precious girls is more than we hoped for and definitely more than we expected.  As usual, God has greater and more amazing plans for our lives than we could possibly imagine! Many of you have emailed or left comments asking if we knew we were getting twins, or if we requested them. We did request twins.  It was on our home study and we talked with our wonderful agency about it, but I don't think we ever really expected it to happen!

We had family obligations all weekend, including the beautiful wedding and reception for our niece.  We attended church on Sunday, where we got to share the news and celebrate our joy with more family and friends who have been praying for us for these past 2 1/2 years.  We know it is in large part their love and prayers that have caused us to be so richly blessed!

We received more good news yesterday that our girls are in foster care and have been since they were a month old.  This is wonderful since we know they have been getting individual attention and lots of affection from their foster mom. This will help tremendously with attachment and bonding.  The report said they have very different personalities. Xin Ling (LilyKate) is more quiet and Xin Long (Eleanor) is more active.  They like to watch TV and love music!  They love being outside and are not shy with strangers. They like to be held and teased.  With every word we just fell more in love and can't wait to meet them. We sent our acceptance letters back and should hear later this week regarding travel dates.  We think we will travel around the second week of June - it can't come soon enough for us!  


  1. look at those sweet cheeks. This is an amazing story..Cant wait to read more!

  2. Huge congratulations from one mom of beautiful Jiangxi twins to another! Your girls are just lovely.

    I emailed you with all manner of unsolicited advice. :)

  3. Ah, congrats again. They are simply lovely, aren't they?

    I would love to see as you prepare your home for twins! The nursery, gear, packing, etc. I love watching families get ready for new babies. I live vicariously through you until it's my turn. :-)

    LID 2/17/06

  4. LOVE the cheeks!!


  5. That is just a lovely account of your emotions regarding your referral. I think it is a miracle. All of it... we had the same quote "Where there is great love..." on our adoption website journey home page. I think it says so much about parenthood. The babies are just darling. Darling! I am happy for you all.

  6. Where there is great love, there are always miracles
    - Willa Cather

    Wow, just looked at this quote on your blog. Seems so much special now, huh?


  7. Huge congratulations. Your girls are just beautiful!

    Margot mom to Boudewijn, Yong Kun (Jiangxi) and Kang Gui (Jiangxi)


    The Netherlands

  8. Dear Susan,

    Your girls are SO cute and I know how excited you are... I can't sometimes believe mine is mine when I look at her photographs! It would be great to get the girls together as they grow up... being so close... not only geographically here at home, but in age as well! Let me know if you're interested in swapping stories sometime & getting our families together! You'll be in my prayers!
    Lilly's Mama

  9. I stumbled onto your blog from a friend's. Wow! What a wonderful blessing to see how you've been doubly blessed for your patience and endurance with these darling girls. Congratulations!!! I never get tired of reading of another family created through the gift of adoption.

    Praying the time will go quickly as you wait to travel to bring home your daughters. You have an amazing road ahead of you!

    Wishing you all the best~
    Mother to Lindy Li-Xiao
    LID for her mei mei 11/7/07

  10. Congratulations! What beautiful girls! They have the most pinchable cheeks!

  11. Frankly, I just keep hopping back over to gaze upon all the lovliness and cute cheeks you have going on over here!!!

    So excited to follow your journey to Eleanor and LilyKate! It's almost more excitement than I can stand!!!



  12. Susan & Jonathan,

    We're so happy for all FOUR of you!! The twins are precious!!

    Susan....Happy Mother's Day!!!

    Cheri, Shane & Hope

  13. Happy Mother's day Susan!
    It won't be long before you hold both those precious girls in your arms!
    Hope that we can meet in Nanchang in June! we are there the second week recieving Alice! So here is hoping!
    Hugs Ruth in NZ