Baby Shower

My dear friend, Melanie, hosted a lovely baby shower for me, several weeks ago. She is an amazing hostess and always does everything with great style and taste and this was definitely no exception. The menu was delicious and the decor just beautiful. The umbrella's suspended from the ceiling were the perfect touch! I will be enlisting her help for future birthday parties - be warned Aunt Melanie! In the photos you will see her gift, placed on the dessert table- an adorable Wheely Bug. This is so unbelievably cute and I told everyone there that I had a hard time deciding between the Bee and the Bug, but what I didn't know that day was that I would soon have a very good excuse to go out and get the Bug as well. I appreciate everyone being there and received some wonderful gifts. It was a new experience being the honoree, but I enjoyed every second!

Here are a few shots from the day:


  1. So sweet... your shower was just beautiful.

    Now go buy the Bug...LOL


  2. Your baby shower looks absolutely wonderful!!! Aren't good friends great. I have had a few of mine in the wings for years....one day.

    Congratulations Mom-To-Be.