Quick update on the earthquake

Many of you have called or emailed me this week about the devastating earthquake that occurred in China.  Our girls are living in the Jiangxi province, which is 700+ miles from the epicenter in the Sichuan province.  We have heard from our China Coordinator and everything is fine - the girls are safe.   Unfortunately, this is not the case for tens of thousands of people.  Please keep all those affected in your prayers over the coming weeks and months, as they begin the process of dealing with this tragedy and rebuilding their lives and homes.  Here is a link to a great map that shows the areas and orphanages that have been affected.  If you want more information, or are looking to help, check out one of these two great organizations, Love Without Boundaries and Half the Sky, who both have people on the ground in China working hard to help people cope with this disaster.  


  1. I am so glad all the girls are OK. Great job with the post very nice I am stealing it by the way :)


  2. Okay, I started my blog in 2006 and you were my first commented..Wohoo! YOur girls are just precious!